University S.O.T Student Club President

To be eligible for this president’s role, you must be enrolled as a 3rd, 4th or 5th year chiropractic student in the presiding year.

As Student President, you will have opportunities to liaise and network both within the organization and with other SOT practitioners.

In recognition for the effort and dedication as Student President, the nominated person will be eligible to receive FULL sponsorship to the SOT Seminar series.(Categories, CMRT & Cranial).

One of the responsibilities as Student president is to continue to foster awareness of SOT, both within the University and amongst the students.


S.O.T Student Club President Role & Responsibilities

These areas are detailed in the following;

  • Attend all three (3) sessions of the Seminar Series in the year of rein
  • Organise a minimum of 4 meetings (SOT Club) during the year where students can further develop their SOT skills. Experienced SOT practitioners and board members will oversee these.
  • Organise and co-ordinate an introductory talk to the students by a board nominated SOT practitioner at the beginning of the year.
  • To create a continual and healthy line of communication with the student body
  • To actively generate an interest in SOT at the student level
  • To actively liaise with the board appointed Student Representative and update them with your efforts and progress.
  • The president must become a Student SOT member

If you are interested in the position as SOT president, please fill in the application form following and, submit to SOTO Australasia.

The board will decide and advise the successful applicants only.

How to apply.
  • Complete the application form and questions .
  • The questions on the Application page should be answered in your own words. Please note - There are no wrong answers!


Application process

All applications will be submitted for the board to discuss.


Application due dates

Submissions close 1st Monday of the month in November each year.
If this date has passed, please contact SOTO HQ (07) 55 762 132 regarding any extensions available.

To understand more about SOT please visit our website: or our Facebook page

Application for SOT Student President
Please use a non-university email
If you were elected as president, what would you bring to the SOT club?
What do your peers say are your best attributes?
How do you see SOT helping improve your chiropractic skills? Including how this relates to your patients?
Have you done the SOT series before? If yes, tell us about your experience, and why you enjoyed it.
Why do you think you deserve to be SOT President?