Sacro Occipital Technic Organisation International (SOTO-I) is the international alliance comprising the approved and recognised SOT organisations around the world.

In 2010 SOTO-I marked the establishment of a global standardisation in the teachings of SOT.

Universal texts were created, along with their corresponding presentations and an international certification process was established.

The purposes behind the formation of SOTO-I are as follows:

  • To preserve, promote, advance, and elevate the basic principles of SOT and SOT Craniopathy as methods of chiropractic treatment
  • To foster an international relationship and bring about a spirit of unity and cooperation among the practitioners and students of SOT throughout the world
  • To regulate, manage, and administer the international dissemination, education, and training of practitioners and students of SOT in a consistent, uniform and harmonious manner
  • To foster and promote scientific and clinical research studies in chiropractic and particularly to develop findings that are specific to the application of SOT and generalisable to chiropractic care

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