2024 Certification Date   

Date - 12 July 2024

Location - Melbourne


SOT has five levels of certification which have been specifically designed to meet you at each stage of your professional chiropractic journey and provide you with the following benefits:

  • Establishing and promoting professional accountability and visibility
  • Increase confidence and skill levels
  • Increase your referral base as an identified professional who has met specific SOT knowledge and experienced practice standards
  • Builds authority and professional credibility to clinical opinions in medical reports
  • Encourages continued professional growth and development
  • Enables practitioners to use the ‘SOT International Standard of Excellence’ logo in the promotion of your practice

BASIC -Basic Certification involves knowledge of Categories I, II and III of the SOT Manual and Seminar Series.
On passing, the candidate may be invited to assist on the Table Education Team in Categories Sessions of the SOTO Australasia Seminar Series.

ADVANCED - Advanced Certification involves knowledge of CMRT (Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique) and Cranial components of the SOT Manual and Seminar Series. On passing, the candidate may be invited to assist on the Table Education Team in the Full Series Session.

CRANIOPATH - Craniopath Certification involves candidate understanding all aspects of Craniopathy including the Advanced cranial modules.
The level of Craniopathy knowledge is outlined in the 2011 International Craniopathy Manual.
On passing, the candidate may be invited to assist as a Primary Educator.
DIPLOMATE & FELLOWAn exciting step! To see if you are eligible contact the office.

Process & Application

Becoming a Certified SOT practitioner sees you successfully meeting your prerequisites and building your learnings through each stage of the certification process to achieve the SOT standard of excellence.

Examination & Certification Information

  • Certification examinations are conducted on the Friday prior to the SOTO Australasia Annual Convention and AGM, or a specified weekend in either September, October or November.
  • The venue and date will be announced on the website.
  • Candidates must register for their chosen level of certification 28 days prior to the advertised date of the examinations and state any special requirements (i.e. wheelchair access, impaired vision).

Additional Certification Notes - All certification candidates must be a current registered chiropractor with APHRA or NZ equivalent, be a full financial member of SOTOA, and meet all requirements outlined in exam guidelines.

Download the Exam Application

Please contact the office if you would like a certification handbook emailed to you. hello@soto.org.au