Why sit SOT certification?

Would you like to get more referral from other SOT Practitioners?

The advantages of certification are joining a group of SOT practitioners who have passed a high level of SOT knowledge and application, and the recognition via our search area on the website for inter-referrals. It is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your SOT skills, become a better chiropractor and help more people with your SOT skills.

We need more certified SOT practitioners so the standard of SOT excellence can be maintained throughout the greater chiropractic community.

We encourage anyone thinking of gaining their SOT certification at any level to make the decision now.

It takes approx. 6 months once pre requisites have been met to prepare and discuss any areas of confusion with fellow SOT practitioners or mentors. Contact the SOT office if you need some assistance in finding a SOT mentor in your area.

For more information on certification, please visit the 'Certification' TAB under Practitioners.