SOT Seminar Series Review 2021

We love all kinds of feedback, we read every form, discuss and action where required.

We especially love when we get a follow up email from delegates the day after, this is the feedback from our recent Brisbane Categories session in Brisbane from a CQU student.

Note - This was also in the middle of COVID and the restriction roulette we were playing.

Hi Jacquie and SOTO A team,

I am a CQU chiro student, and I just completed the categories weekend, and I’d like to offer some feedback!

Firstly - thank you for organising an awesome weekend for us in Brisbane! Leading up to the weekend was a little anxiety-inducing for everyone involved, I think, but I am so so glad that your team was able to pull off an amazing weekend.

As a student, I have only attended 2 chiro seminars (SOT and one other), so I didn’t really have a baseline expectation of what the weekend would be like. However, the seminar surpassed all expectations, and I, along with everyone else I have spoken to, had the best weekend learning and improving. Jo Sexton blows my mind with her knowledge, and she is by far the best “teacher/lecturer” I have had in my education life.

As a student, I don’t have the clinical knowledge and experience  that some of the others had that weekend, but she explained everything in a way that I actually understood and could learn from.

One of my worries for the weekend was that everything would go straight over my head, but Jo and the other supervisors (special thanks to the educating team Luke, Misha and Alan ) made sure that we understood the theories, and nailed the practicals.

I loved how interactive the weekend was, and that it was structured so that we learned a bit, then practiced it, then came back - rather than an overload of information that we needed to try remember.

On that - the manual is a lifesaver, and I’m grateful that we were supplied with a good quality paper copy - thank you!

The supporting education staff were so helpful, and I believe we were so lucky to be surrounded by chiros who love their job and are so passionate. Alan , Luke and Misha were incredible and were happy to explain things when we didn’t quite understand it. These guys saved me most of the weekend!

The venue was lovely - the staff, the food and the conference room were awesome and, I believe, made the weekend that much more enjoyable.

I apologise for the lengthy email, but I don’t believe I could have put this all down on the feedback sheet :P !

Thank you so much for an awesome categories weekend - it has left me feeling so inspired and motivated, and my love for chiropractic has grown deeper. I can’t wait for the next weekend!

Regards CB

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