Review Mid-year Retreat Queenstown 2013

Queenstown New Zealand, set a picturesque and majestic backdrop for much anticipated mid year retreat for SOTO-Australasia on 16-17 August. We were very excited and grateful to have a diverse line-up of presenters including myself, Dr Mark Postles, Dr Samantha Haitsma, Dr Andrew Paul and Dr Darren Little
I had the pleasure of starting the 2 day “doctor sharing seminar” outlining advanced concepts and procedures using CMRT, while discussing the neurology of line 1 and line 2 fibres. Dr Mark Postles presented a great thought provoking discussion on concepts of how structure on a biological level, also reflects on how we practice and communicate Chiropractic.

Day 2 started with Dr Sam Haitsma discussing the effect of modern diet on the development of facial structures, while presenting a great discourse on the benefits of a raw, unprocessed diet for healthy growing children.  Dr Andrew Paul, shared some great technique’s involving tonal upper cervical corrections from Dr Steve Hoffman. The seminar concluded with DR Darren Little outlining some of Dr John Farmer’s work with his Palate - Falx cranial corrections which was well received.

All in all, the weekend was a huge success and enjoyed by all, not to mention the breathtaking views and best that Queenstown had to offer. As a group we enjoyed the company of each other, together with the delegates families, in great dining and skiing not to mention.

We look forward to you joining us next year for what looks to be a regular event on the SOT calendar.

Yours in SOT.

Gerald Vargas.