A S.O.T Craniopath Story

Sitting The Craniopath Exam

For me, even making the decision to sit the Craniopath exam was a big one.

I mean who did I think I was, sure, I had been studying and using SOT for a few years now, but to think, I could show up and sit an exam that proved I actually possessed the knowledge to be counted among the people I looked up to the most.

I finally decided to sit this exam, not to be part of that group, I mean I will NEVER know as much as Andrew Paul, but my motivation to sit was to become more skilled with in my own practice of SOT.

As I was studying it became less about me, and more about increasing my skills to become a better chiropractor, to help more people.

It was about knowing, I mean really knowing that I knew this information, and I could use this information practically.

It wasn’t something I learned at a seminar, thought it to be useful and promptly forgot about.

I am not going to say it was easy. It’s not.

Making the decision to sit this exam meant hours of study. It meant when I didn’t understand something, finding someone who did, and asking for help. It meant really using cranial adjustments in practice, all the time.

Then it happened, somewhere in the midst of all that study, all of that looking for answers, I just started to understand why. More than that, I started to understand how to best use the adjustments and neurology I had learned, to help the people who came to see me. I just started to use cranial adjusting techniques really confidently.

When it came time for the exam, I was happy to sit it (and even happier to pass), but I had already achieved what I had set out to, being confident in my knowledge and use of cranial adjustments, and my patients, the people who needed it most were seeing the benefits.

So, if you are thinking about sitting the exam, and you think it might be hard, or it might be a lot of work, IT IS, but the benefits are worth so much more.

Besides, nothing beats a lineup of Craniopaths that you have always looked up to, waiting to give you the infamous CRANIOPATH HUG.