A History of SOT Annual Conventions

Year Location Presenter/s Session
Sydney, NSW
 Keith Bastian &  Genevieve Keating Intra-Oral Cranial Module / Paediatric Cranial Adjusting
 Sydney, NSW
Brett Houlden & Lisa Lovett
The How of Advanced Intra Oral Cranials / Advanced Categories
2003 Gold Coast, QLD Mark Postles &  Steven Williams, UK Essential Paediatrics
Gold Coast, QLD Brett Houlden & Andrew Paul
Cranial Sutural, Cranial Specific Techniques & Visual Cranial Diagnosis
Sydney. NSW
 Jonathan Howat, UK
Physiology v. Philosophy of SOT
TMJ, Cranial and SOT
2006  Melbourne, VIC
 Marc Pick, US Anatomy & Neurophysiology of SOT
Gold Coast, QLD Dan Madock & Brett Houlden Advanced Suturals & Advanced TMJ Techniques
2008 Cairns, QLD  Dr. Suzanne Seekins Functional Pregnancy
2009 Bondi Beach, NSW Joe Unger Bloodless Surgery and Extemities
2010 Melbourne, VIC Bob Walker
The Chiropractic Dental Patient:
A Combined TMD Approach
2011 Barossa Valley, SA Drs. Stephen Williams/ Suzanne Seekins Advanced Paediatrics : The School Aged Child
2012 Kingscliff, NSW Jesper Dahl Extremity Adjusting for all your patients
2013 Sydney, NSW Marc Pick
Advanced Cranial Motion Dynamics and Enhanced Therapeutic Application of SOT Cranial Technique


2014 Hobart, TAS Dr John Crescione Advanced CMRT: Mastering organ and visceral corrections
2015 Melbourne, VIC Dr Bob Apol Mastering Cranial Specifcs
2016 Gold Coast, QLD Dr Steve Williams Chiropractic Peadiatrics
2017 Sydney, NSW Dr Jesper Dahl Core Stability & Extremity Protocols
2018 Gold Coast, QLD Dr Brett Houlden & Dr Helen Sexton Afferenate & Integrate - Upper cervical and Cranial Work
2019 Cairns, QLD Dr Ann McDonnell
A Balancing Act
Hormonal & Metabolic Health, A Chiropractic Approach
2020- 2021
COVID Cancellations
Kingscliff, NSW
Dr's Brett Houlden, Darren Little, Troy Miles
Cranial Suturals & Cranial Specifics and Non Specifics with TMJ Concepts.
Melbourne, VIC
Changing Faces, Changind Minds - A collaborative approach