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New Grad Practice Opportunity
Opportunity for new grad or newish Chiro that wants to set up for themselves and have a wise elder Chiro there for support.

I’ve worked in Yea and Alexandra for 15 years going every 4 weeks.
I’m about to work out of a beautifully restored house in the heart of Yea.
I’m wondering if there’s a new grad Chiro thinking of going regional that would love to come in with me. The town is crying out for a more available Chiro.

I’m not going to work any additional hours. I’m offering to help someone set up and get going.
I will introduce them to the locals and give whatever support is needed. It’s a winner really.

7 The Semicircle, Yea is the location.

By the by I have no financial gain to be made from this. I work from my main clinic in Wonga park. I just thought I’d give someone a leg up. You will be successful in this location.

Please message me if you would like to chat. Phone Louise Callaghan 0414267110.