Anatomical Deluxe Skull Model, Painted And Numbered

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This life-size Human Skull features natural coloring, realistic textures and bony landmarks.

Numbering and sutures on the skull provide additional detail for examining the human skeleton. The mandible is articulated on springs to demonstrate natural movements 

The skull anatomy model has a removable calvarium (skull cap) and an articulating mandible (jaw) to be studied and displayed.


  • Displaying in the your clinic
  • Patient Demonstrations
  • Study resource for your cranials

This human life-sized skull model is designed to be used by any student or DC. it is a great tool for learning and teaching about the anatomy of the skull from beginner to advanced.

Skull comes complete with a product key corresponding with numbered parts.

Advance your understanding of the human skull anatomy.

  • Made according to European standards.
  • Built to precise anatomical specifications.
  • In exceptional detail, this model displays all of the major bony landmarks, muscle insertions, fissures, processes, sutures and foramina.
  • 2 springs allow for sturdy, correct movement of the mandible.
  • Made of solid, high-quality PVC plastic.

Retail Price: $210.00